viernes, 16 de julio de 2010

Giulio Dj "Inner life" (Rayko rmx)

IS IT BALEARIC continue to dominate in the laid back and gorgeous stakes with this, their 12th release ! Inner Life is a track from up and coming producer Giulio Dj. Its a poolside disco chugger with some lovely laidback guitars, conjuring up dusty sunsets, and a synth line straight out of the 80's. Coyote strip back the og all the way to create an ambient moment of calm. RAYKO takes the track from the pool and takes gives it an Italo Disco makeover for the dancefloor, whilst The Project Club remix rebuilds the track with layers of their trademark guitars and warm synth lines building to an unexpected heavy disco bass workout reminiscent of I feel love only to outdo itself with an homage to a late 80's stonecold classic...epic

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