martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

RW002 Wanting you by Ilija Rudman & Walk the night edit by RK

The second release on the Spanish label Rare Wiri bring us another two quality club tracks. On A side we have "Wanting You" by Ilija Rudman featuring vocals Show-B. This is a killer house tempo nu-disco track filled with awesome acidic bass, 'Eastenders' syndrums and cool synths to make the dancefloor move (and not to the bar either ;-)). On the flip Rayko & F. Pineda hit the floor with an edit of 80s classic "Walk The Night" by the Skatt Bros. It keeps the chugging midtempo electroid disco of the original, but snips out the camp vocal, leaving us with an extended instrumental version to enjoy. Top quality gear, both sides.

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Space Disco Vol.1

Piccadilly Records Review:

Rare Wiri strikes back with a cosmic disco journey to the end of time (and then back to the dancefloor!). The crew of the starship are formed by Ichisan (Airtight, Eskimo, Solardisco), Ilya Santana (Balihu, Tirk, Permanent Vacation etc) and the head of Rare Wiri, Rayko. "Space Disco Vol.1" is a great EP of tracks aimed to move your body and mind into the last frontier of the universe. Ichisan is gaining a rep for ultra-epic cosmic disco productions, and "Snow Shower" is just that - worth the price of the EP all by itself. Dropping some Cerrone-style electrodisco is Ilya Santana and "You Are The One" - dreamy. Which leaves the tripped-out "Spaceship Crash" by Rayko - another winner.

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