martes, 24 de marzo de 2009

Rare Wiri 001 Ilya Santana / Rayko

A- Ilya Santana - Instrumental Odissey
B - Rayko - White Russian
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PICADILLY RECORDS REVIEW: 'Ilya Santana & Rayko get presented with a big disco ball shaped trophy as they win RECORD OF THE WEEK with this super double header, looks like Rare Wiri could be a label to watch... A new label is always something to get excited about, who've they got on it? What's the output gonna be like etc etc. As they say the proof is in the eating (I always thought they actually said the proof is in the pudding, but I am often wrong), and I must say this debut release defo has something to get your teeth into. On side-A, Ilya Santana pops his head up again with "Instrumental Oddissey", taking the baton from Danny Wang (the man who brought him to our attention), this is a belting disco swirl, laden with strings, killer synth lines, monstrous hand clap and groovy bassline, pretty much all you need for a night under the disco ball. Over on side-B Rayko's "White Russian" fills the spacey, cosmic quota with aplomb, it's a little bit Italo in the bassline, more cool spacey synth sounds and a solid beat, nice stuff I wonder what Disco Wiri have in store for us next?'. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
PHONICA RECORDS REVIEW: 'Two excellent balaeric disco gems on this nice new Spanish label called Rare Wiri that schedules all sorts of fresh sounding house and nu disco. The first one is by Ilya Santana and Rayko both showing off with some nice quality tunes with a summerish Balearic feeling. 'Instrumental Odissey is one of Ilya Santana's most complete works so far taking us on a classy disco house trip. Rolling disco bass lines with smooth synths and easy melodies supported by classic disco strings. 'White Russian' on the flip is the debut of another great Canary Island producer called Rayko... and another proof of the talent this label will bring in the near future!'. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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